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Welcome to the new face of TCGC!

As you are now aware TCGC is going through a few changes. During this process there may be considerable latency associated with email communications. We suggest that you have anything important to discuss with our executive committee that you call directly. Please check the Contacts page for more information.

Member Information

I know everyone is wondering what has happened to my TCGC website.  As we have announced for several months now we have had to work on designing a new website to fit the needs of YOUR club.  Please pardon the growing pains and understand that this is a work in progress.  Over the next several weeks we will be adding more and more functionality and get the site ready for this years Membership Renewal.  People have been wanting to speed the process for years now and this will be the year it happens.  We will be able to accept your credit card or bank card over our SECURE server.  This was the highest driving force for the new design, to add a way for our members to renew but to do it securely.  As you look around the site you will notice things that are completely out of place.  No we are NOT offering flower sales in our E-Commerce area but that was a way for us to do Beta testing.  As I said lots and lots of things will be changing and as always we look for input from our members in the process.  Feel free to send your emails to the Executive Committee but please do NOT send them to the Webmaster, his hands are full and like the rest of us he is doing all of this free of charge.  Again Thank You for your understanding and welcome to the new face of Tri-City Gun Club.

One last thing you note in the address bar that it does not show but don't worry that to will return as soon as the transition is complete.  In the mean time look around and look at the pictures that have been added.

Be SAFE.....Shoot WELL

Lea Greenleaf, Vice President

Mission Objective

The objective of this organization shall be to encourage citizens of the United States, or legal residents residing in our community, to participate in legitimate shooting sports of all types and disciplines, with a view toward a better knowledge of the safe handling and proper care of firearms, as well as improved marksmanship.  It shall be our further objective and purpose to forward the fellowship, self-discipline, team play, and self-reliance which are the essentials of good sportsmanship and the foundation of true patriotism. 


Truly enjoyed Mr. Greenleaf's Range Safety Office class last month.Very informative, and a comfortable learning environment. Jason Rapp